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Nepalis were first recruited overseas by the British East India Company after the Anglo-Nepali war that ended in 1816.

Impressed by their bravery, the British struck a deal to hire their former foes as soldiers, using Gurkha troops to  fight for Britain in World Wars I and II.

Famed for their ferocity and skilful use of razor-sharp curved kukri knives, the Gurkhas have fought in every British conflict for the last two centuries.

More than 45,000 have died in action.

They have also enlisted in the Singapore police force and the Indian army, whose former chief of staff Sam Manekshaw is reported to have said: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha”.

Today, private security firms seek to trade on that reputation when they advertise their recruitment of Nepalis — including non-Gurkhas — to prospective clients.

As a result, Nepalis enjoy a virtual monopoly in the private security sector in countries like Malaysia, where companies are only allowed to hire them or locals as guards.

“Everyone wants a Gurkha to protect their assets — from a billionaire in Hong Kong to private firms in Kabul,” said Mahesh Shrestha, Nepal country manager for British security giant G4S.

“Thanks to the Gurkhas’ fame… people think Nepalis are loyal, honest, hardworking men who can survive anywhere and cope with tough conditions,” G4S’s Shrestha said.

Over the years, we have managed to develop an extensive network of various Nepalese (Gurkha and Non-Gurkha) security personnel.

Our security guards are experienced,  skilled and highly trained. We pride ourselves in having provided a safe environment to schools, colleges, nursing homes, hospitals and various institutions all around the globe.

We are able to match almost any needs of our clients. In fact, we have supplied security personnel  who have worked in the following institutions

  • British Army
  • Nepalese Army
  • Nepalese Armed Police Force
  • Nepalese Police
  • Singapore Police
  • Indian Army
  • Civil Security Guards

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