Who we are

White Pearl is a Kathmandu based recruitment company. Our goal is to provide high quality manpower to UAE based clients in almost every major industry

We pride ourselves in being able to fulfill any specifications given to us by our clients. This is due to our high accessibility network in Nepal that enables us to select from a vast pool of human resources for our clients.

In addition to recruitment, we provide and arrange for training, insurance and transportation of workers with an emphasis on rigorous selection standards and on time quality service. 

Our core values

Social Responsibility

We recognize our responsibility of sending our candidates overseas and the challenges associated with adjusting to new customs and rules for our migrant workers. 

In addition, we also recognize the problems that clients face when their exact needs are not met with regards to company culture, industry norms and local practices.

Therefore, we place utmost importance on the synergistic welfare of our candidates and clients and it is our goal to make sure that everyone – our candidates and clients – are serviced to our best of our abilities 

Service Above All

For us, service means organizing an effective human resource strategy that is not only cost effective, but also places importance on fulfilling our client’s needs while complying with industry and governmental norms, rules, regulations and practices. 

All our staff members are dedicated to establishing a quality system that works for everyone. In order to achieve this, we are committed to improving our practices and standards on a daily basis in order to serve our clients to the highest degree. 

Strict Quality Standards

At White Pearl, we believe that in order to achieve long term success for our candidates, emphasis must be placed on strictly adhering to the specifications given to us by our clients. 

Over time, we have developed a robust human resource accessibility network helping us satisfy the needs of clients while ensuring that our workers receive the right employment opportunities that fit their qualifications.

Therefore, we employ a system of stringent selection criteria in order to maximize worker and client satisfaction

Betterment of Local Economy

White Pearl Recruiting Services was founded in Nepal and is mainly run by and for the people of Nepal.  Therefore, we dedicate our time to ensure that the workers who migrate overseas are satisfied with their job and are able to generate enough remittance in order to create a brighter and more secure future for themselves, their families and their local communities over time.